Membership Administration

Specialized services optimized for successful membership management

Often associations want to spend more time on the heart of successful membership management-recruitment and retention-but spend most of their time on the administration. MSP's Membership Administration outsourcing can assist you with specialized membership campaigns and other recruitment efforts, database management renewal and new member processing.

MSP works with you to develop timely and appropriate campaigns to attract new members and retain existing ones. We help you identify the specific drivers of member value so we can communicate that effectively. Our processes ensure that dues renewals get out on time and then we follow up with personal contact to encourage members to renew.

We work with database software that allows us to process your records efficiently and respond to members or potential members quickly. We can view member records that can be tied to events they members have attended, awards they have won and products they have purchased, not to mention dues they have paid. This information can be analyzed and reported back to your leaders to ensure that your association is proactive in how it serves its members.

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