Internet and Technology

Innovative solutions delivered via technology and the Internet

Your online presence is the most public face of your organization. From its design and architecture to its content, it says more about who you are than any other single source. So it's vital that it's current, well maintained and properly reflects your brand image.

MSP provides the full range of interactive services, from simple management and updating to in-depth optimization and re-design. We also deliver online advertising services, as well as animated presentations and graphics. Our marketing experts are passionate about online technologies and understand their nuances. We look forward to creating a solution that makes a dynamic impact on the marketplace through expert:

  • Site design and development. MSP is adept at designing, writing and implementing sites for your Internet.

  • Content management. We manage your content and keep it continually updated so your presence is always fresh and timely.

  • E-commerce. MSP helps you develop solutions for marketing and selling publications, events and other items online to help bolster your non-dues revenue.

  • Database integration solutions. We can help you integrate a database into your solution to keep track of members, enable them to interact more efficiently with your association and deliver data that you can use to serve them more effectively.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. MSP helps you develop your site to optimize your search engine rankings and draw more traffic to your site.

  • Social media strategies. We're adept at leveraging social networking to keep members engaged and experiencing value from their membership.

  • Webcasts, webinars and other new media. We'll help you implement interactive media to optimize member communications, learning, certification programs and other association strategies.

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