Leadership and Governance

Partnership and support to drive your organization forward

From providing administrative services to nonprofit organizations to helping craft strategic vision for associations, MSP works closely in partnership with your volunteer leadership to achieve your goals. As association and nonprofit management experts, we keep current with best practices and industry trends to ensure your leadership always has the tools, guidance and information they need to make informed decisions and optimize their time in service.

MSP serves as staff of your association or nonprofit leadership and management team, delivering the key services you need to keep your organization moving forward, including:

  • Board development. MSP provides ongoing assistance to Boards, helping develop individual leadership skills and the Board's overall ability to drive strategic success for the organization. From Board meeting agenda development to strategic planning and Board orientations, we can help your ultimate decision-making body to be successful.

  • Committee development. MSP works with your volunteer groups to increase their effectiveness, efficiency and strategic relevance.

  • Strategy. MSP partners with our clients to ensure the right people engage in the right strategic conversations, thereby generating clear strategic choices that result in ongoing success. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we engage you in the process to find a strategy that not only works for you, but also generates the strategic clarity you need to succeed.

  • Governance. MSP provides deep expertise to help you take adequate care of your bylaws, IRS determinations, policy and procedure manuals and other legal and financial responsibilities in order to optimize your organization's effectiveness and maintain compliance in the face of ever-changing regulations.

Whether we're assisting you with planning, budgeting, goal setting or building leadership capability, our primary objective is to apply our association management expertise to help position your leadership—and your organization—for success as you pursue each goal in your overall strategic plan.