Marketing and Communications

Strong marketing skills to protect and enhance your brand

Every contact made with a potential or current member is an opportunity to reinforce your brand and forge stronger connections. MSP's team of seasoned association marketing professionals, led by Julie Hill makes sure every opportunity is maximized. Our services include:

  • Branding. Whether you need a logo and tagline, a new website, or an entire brand strategy, MSP can help you identify, grow and build your brand in the marketplace.
  • Planning and strategy. We work with you to develop a marketing plan to reach your target audiences, maximize communications and service to current members and position yourself as a leader in the marketplace.
  • Specialized strategies. MSP works with you to create strategies to address specialized needs, such as non-dues revenue generation, meetings and event marketing promotion, membership recruitment and retention and more.
  • Advertising and publications. We handle all the creative, production, media buying and list management services within our own team of professionals, ensuring consistent and knowledgeable services across all your needs.
  • Public and media relations. MSP works with you to create strategies that align with your brand identity, marketing plan and other communications to increase your visibility and image in the marketplace.
Julie Hill has extensive experience in association marketing. Contact her for innovative ideas for promoting your organization.