Membership Services

Personal connections form the heart of successful membership management

MSP's primary operating philosophy is focused on a singular goal—to make each of our clients feel as though they are our only one, and to make each of their members feel the same. Attentiveness and personal service are essential to making that happen.

From marketing your association and planning meetings to the end-to-end management of your entire association, MSP understands the importance of every interaction. We pay particular attention to responsiveness and service in the following key areas of membership development:

  • Recruitment and retention. MSP works with you to develop timely and appropriate campaigns to attract new members and retain existing ones. We work with you to identify the specific drivers of member value so we can communicate that effectively. We also develop clear member engagement strategies, because it is the passive members who end up not renewing. Our processes ensure that dues renewals get out on time and then we follow up with personal contact to encourage members to renew. We can even help in creative ways if budgetary issues keep them from renewing.

  • Member services. Attentive, personalized service and responsiveness to member inquiries and needs are at the heart of MSP member services. We also help create the publications and programs members want, delivering real value to the membership experience.

  • Member data. Taking care of your members requires a deep knowledge and understanding of what they do, what they like, and how they interact with the association. MSP has developed customized database software that allows us to view member records that can be tied to events they have attended, awards they have won and products they have purchased, not to mention dues they have paid. This information is analyzed and reported back to your leaders on a regular basis to ensure that your association is proactive in how it serves its members.

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