American Academy of Appellate Lawyers (AAAL)


When the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers (AAAL) started with MSP, they were a volunteer-run association with little time to focus on strategic outcomes. They wanted to move from being self-managed by member law firm staff to more professional and consistent management.


The American Academy of Appellate Lawyers (AAAL) has been an MSP client since 1996.

AAAL is an invitation-only, professional society whose Fellows have been recognized as the top appellate practitioners in the country. A rigorous vetting process ensures that each Fellow qualifies for admission. In our time working with AAAL, they developed their first strategic plan, which helped them to prioritize their goals. We worked with them to shift their Board meetings from monthly to bi-monthly, or as needed, allowing them to streamline their time spent on calls. All of this allows the Board to focus on moving AAAL forward, maximizing their volunteers' time and talent. AAAL Fellows meet two times per year. While the educational component of the programs is extremely important, the opportunity to network in a relaxed, high-end setting is equally important. MSP staff conducts site selection, speaker management and onsite logistics. Through the years, AAAL has expanded the work that MSP does for them. AAAL Fellows expect high touch and instant results to any request. From facilitating small dine around dinners at each meeting location to remembering each Fellow's dietary needs, we provide the framework for the community that has evolved as AAAL has grown.

AAAL Services
  • Conduct site selection, speaker management and onsite logistics for AAAL meetings.
  • Work with membership committee to process candidate nominations.
  • Design, produce and distribute newsletter
  • Worked with AAAL to revamp website
  • Worked with AAAL to develop their first Strategic Plan
  • Managed prestigious adjunct conference

MSP has more than doubled the attendance to AAAL's Spring Meeting since we have worked with them.