American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA)


When the American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA) came to MSP, they had no reserves and their membership of 200 was declining. The perception of potential members was that ASCA was elitist and unwelcoming.


ASCA had a membership structure that was too exclusive, and, in fact, turning potential members off—and away. We worked with the ASCA leadership to develop a Strategic Plan, create a new membership structure, and develop their Registered Consulting Arborist (RCA) program, the highest-level professional designation for arborists. Working with an outside consulting firm (now capable inside MSP), a dynamic branding plan was created; we redesigned ASCA's materials and website, and created effective systems to service members and communicate with them.

Each year, after considering evaluations from the last annual convention, we survey ASCA members and develop the program and manage all conference details for their annual convention. We've created a Marketing Plan for ASCA, and have been running an advertising campaign, featuring members, for increased membership, the RCA, the ASCA Consulting Academy and the Annual Convention—all with a strong ASCA brand that increases results and recognition across all markets.

ASCA Services
  • Administer the Registered Consulting Arborist program.
  • Coordinate the revision process and publish A Consultant's Guide to Writing Effective Reports.
  • Manage ASCA's Annual Conference and Consulting Academy.
  • Develop the program for the Annual Conference.
  • Wrote ASCA Marketing Plan and implement ongoing marketing strategy.
  • Create ASCA print and electronic advertising.
  • Manage the RCA and Consulting Arborist Referral Directory.
  • Create and implement ASCA media plan.
  • Designed ASCA exhibit.
  • Produce newsletter, create and produce program brochures and electronic marketing.
  • Redesigned and manage ASCA's website.

Membership, conference attendance and financial reserves have almost tripled since MSP began managing ASCA.