AWT came to MSP after having run through three-quarters of their reserves in one year. Membership and meeting attendance had declined. The AWT Board felt that the membership was not getting the attention they deserved, as member requests for information went unanswered and bookstore orders unfulfilled.


AWT came to us with a loss of $110,000. Our first priority was to create a customer service oriented culture to make sure that members associated AWT with personal, responsive service. We helped the Board begin to work strategically and now are working on strategic planning. MSP surveyed members, redesigned publications, created ones targeted to specific markets, and developed an e-communications program. We created a new logo and redesigned the website including all new graphics, a navigation system and completely new text. And we added the ability to accept online registrations and created a complete e-commerce bookstore. We've reversed that loss to a surplus of over $150,000 and almost doubled cash on hand.

AWT Services
  • Manage Annual Water Technology Expo, two Technical Training Seminars and Board of Directors meetings.
  • Execute all membership-related activities.
  • Produce quarterly four-color magazine, The Analyst.
  • Create and produce conference, training, membership, certification brochures for print and electronic marketing.
  • Worked with committee to revise and produce the Technical Reference and Training Manual.
  • Administer Certified Water Technologist (CWT) program.
  • Coordinate ongoing enhancements to AWT's website.
  • Created a new logo, brand and website.

Membership is up, conference and training attendance are up by almost half, and bookstore revenue is up by a third in the 3 years we have been managing AWT.