Membership Services

Membership Services

Attentive, personalized service and responsiveness to member inquiries are at the heart of the MSP Member Services Team. We have extensive experience in developing and executing membership recruitment campaigns and working with committees to create messaging that is meaningful to specific audiences.

One of the keys to member retention is making sure members are utilizing their member benefits. MSP regularly sends members reminders of specific benefits and their value and encourages them to make use of the benefits. We also analyze which benefits are being used and which are not and work with the appropriate committees to determine if modifications need to be made.

While each MSP client is assigned to a specific member services representative, the entire team maintains a working knowledge of all client associations and their programs and services, websites, registration systems, and databases. This way, calls can be answered quickly and many issues addressed without the need to transfer a call.

Services Include:

Maintaining a database of current, lapsed, and prospective members.

Responding to all member inquiries.

Developing and executing membership recruitment campaigns.

Processing applications and managing the onboarding process.

Attending and managing participation in tradeshows.